No Goodbyes but See u later´s!

imagesCAK2PGYJEvery day of my life is a page on my History…got to love that quote.

I am about to leave and it does not feel strange but like something I have done already many times. This time is different though, this time doesn´t feel like leaving but beginning.

During a year I have met many and different people everyday, some of them came just for a while but the rest came to stay, fact I am very glad of.

I might have suffered but I feel much stronger now; I might have been lonely but I feel so beloved now; I might have been grey but I have such a bright light now; I might have been under but I am so over now.

I have learnt from  everything and everyone of you. The bad and good ones, from the smartest and foolish, the happy and the sorrowful, the humble and the arrogant…Nothing has been indifferent to me this time.

The good people I have known are so good and so close that it feels like a big family!

My greek guys so nice and warm. My “marica” and husband just one of a kind. My spanish “family”. My crazy Gorkeho house. My french crazy guys…. I have no end!

This is my way of saying a big THANK YOU ALL for all the good and the better times we had together and all the loved you have given me, all the nice things you have told me and how special you have made me feel!.

You know where and how to find me…don´t you??? so no sad faces because this is just the beginning!!!!

Love you all, never change because you are just wonderful people! (flower power moment).

Brno 2012/13


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